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About Paygoo Prepaid MasterCard® Gift

Paygoo Prepaid MasterCard® Gift is the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it being a birthday, anniversary or just a simple thank you. The gift card can also be given to employees, business clients or partners legally.

Paygoo Prepaid MasterCard® Gift is available at several convenient stores and supermarkets across Norway. The cards can be purchased with different value depending on which merchant you choose; the value can vary from 200-1500 NOK.

The recipient can use Paygoo Prepaid MasterCard® Gift to shop online and in any store that accepts MasterCard cards.

The card is easy to use, following these simple steps:
1. Buy the Gift card: : The card can be purchased from one of our many merchants.
2. Activate: You can easily activate the gift card online or by SMS – all you need is a European mobile number.
3. Use: The recipient shops online and in all stores that accept cards from MasterCard.

Fees and limits
Fee Amount
Price of Paygoo Gift 39 NOK
Transaction Fee (applies after 2 transactions) 3 NOK
Monthly Fee (applies 6 months after purchase) 15 NOK per month
Fee for replacement card posted by Paygoo 125 NOK
Fee for redemption (money transfer from Paygoo card to bank 125 NOK
Fee for transferring funds between cards 15 NOK
Paygoo Gift Inactivity Fee (after 12 months of inactivity) 35 NOK per month
Service Fee (retrieve PIN-number, check balance and get transaction overview via SMS) 5 NOK
Service charge (commission) for purchases in foreign currency 4%
Fee Amount
Maximum balance, anonymous card 1500 NOK
Maximum load at the point of sale 1500 NOK
Terms and conditions of use

1. The Gift Card
1.1 These terms and conditions apply to any holder of PAYGOO Mastercard® Gift card (‘the gift card’). By using your card, you are demonstrating your agreement to these terms and conditions.
1.2 The gift card is promoted by Paygoo AS (co-brand partner) and issued by UAB PayrNet. UAB PayrNet is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct electronic money service activities under (EMI) license 900594 in the United Kingdom and (EMI) license LB001994 in Lithuania.
1.3 You will purchase the Gift Card in NOK. All references to this currency in these terms and conditions are relevant to you.
1.4 Additional funds cannot be put onto the Gift Card after initial purchase, except in the case where a retailer refunds a transaction onto the Gift Card.
1.5 The Gift Card is an e-money product, and as such it is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. In the unlikely event that UAB PayrNet becomes insolvent, your funds may become valueless and unusable, and as a result you may lose your money.
1.6 These terms and conditions are available online You can request a copy of these terms and conditions at any point in their duration.

2. Definitions
In these terms and conditions, the following words and phrases have the meanings shown next to them:
ATM – means automatic teller machine or cashpoint facility or cash dispenser;
Business day – means a day between and including Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm (UK time) except for bank or public holidays in England and Wales;
Gift Card – means your Paygoo MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card (including replacement card);
Card scheme – means MasterCard
Fees– a variety of charges that can be raised for purchase and ongoing use of the card;
PIN – means personal identification number i.e. the security number provided for use with the card;
Purse value – means the maximum value of funds that can be held with the card any one time;
Supplier – a retailer, merchant or other supplier of goods and/ or services which accepts payment by means of a card, card number, PIN or card and signature;
Summary Box – The section that includes notification of charges, limits and restrictions associated with the card;
Supplier’s bank – the merchant acquirer used by the supplier for the purposes of receiving payments arising from transactions.
Verification of identity – means confirming personal identity and address of you by conducting electronic verification of your details or by you providing documentation of identity.
We / us / our – means UAB PayrNet or co-brand partners acting on our behalf;
Year– 12 month period following the date when the card is issued to you and each subsequent 12 month period.
You / your – means the person/employee who has received the card and is authorised to use the card as provided under the terms of this Agreement.

3. Purchase and activation of the Gift Card
3.1 When purchased the maximum value that may be loaded onto the card is 1500 NOK subject to clauses 3.3 and 3.3.1. The Gift Card will be activated at the point of purchase and the monies on the Gift Card will be available for use immediately after purchase, but the card will require activation prior to use. This can easily be done on www.paygoo.noor by texting ACTIVATE <space> your customer-ID to 2380.
3.2 If the Gift Card is purchased over the Internet, the maximum value that may be loaded onto the card is 1500 NOK, subject to clauses 3.3, 3.3.1. The Gift card will require activation. You can activate the card through our website or through our SMS service by typing in AKTIVER and send to 2380. Monies on the Gift Card will normally be available for use immediately after activation.
3.3 The card cannot be reused in any way. And after the initial load is used the card should be destroyed by cutting it in two pieces and throw it away in a trash bin.
3.3.1 Upon registration we are storing your mobile number for identification purposes.

4. Use of the card
4.1 A The purchaser of the Gift Card may use the Gift Card, or it may be given to another person as a gift. Before use, the Gift Card should be signed on the reverse by the person who will be using the Gift Card.
4.2 The Gift Card is designed for use in shops, retail locations in the originated country of purchase. For Norway that accounts for Norway and the same accounts for our Swedish and Finnish gift cards. To use the card, present it at the time of payment. Use it in full or part payment of your purchase in which case you will be required to pay the outstanding amount of the purchase by an alternative means, for example, cash or debit or credit card providing the retailer accepts a combination of payment methods.
4.2.2 Additional funds cannot be added to the Gift Card after purchase.
4.3 You must not make purchases that exceed the balance of funds available on the Gift Card. Your balance will be reduced by the amount of each purchase you make. If any purchase takes you over your available funds or the card limits in force the transaction may be declined.
4.4 The Gift Card is not a debit card supported by a bank account and is not in any way connected to a bank account. It is also not a guarantee card, charge card or credit card. You will not earn any interest on any funds loaded on to the card.
4.4.1 You must not use the Gift Card for:
4.4.2 pre-authorised regular payments;
4.4.3 transactions for cash including for example cash back, cash from a bank, money orders, traveler’s cheques, foreign exchange, or bureau de change, or any illegal purposes.
4.5 Your card cannot be used in situations where it is not possible for the supplier to obtain online authorisation that you have sufficient balance for the transaction. For example: transactions on trains, ships, and some in-flight purchases.
4.6 We may stop, suspend or restrict your card or PIN on reasonable grounds relating to:
4.6.1 the security of your card, card number or PIN, and
4.6.2 the suspected unauthorised or fraudulent use of your card or PIN. We will, if possible, inform you before stopping, suspending or restricting your card or PIN that we intend to do so and the reasons for doing this. If we are unable to do so, then we will inform you immediately afterwards. The requirement to inform you does not apply where it would compromise reasonable security measures, or it would be unlawful to do so.
4.7 We are not responsible for the quality, safety, legality, or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased with the card. We are not liable for the failure of any merchant to honour the card.
4.8 We will not sell the Gift Card under these terms and conditions to anyone under the age of 13 years old.

5. Transactions
5.1 You agree that any use of your card, card number or PIN constitutes your authorisation and consent to a transaction.
5.1.2 We will be entitled to assume that a transaction was authorised by you where the magnetic stripe on the card was swiped by the retailer, where there is a signed sales slip, or where relevant information is supplied to the retailer that allows them to process the transaction.
5.2 You cannot stop a transaction after it has been transmitted to us by giving your consent to the transaction, or once you have given your consent to the supplier for a pre-authorised payment.
5.3 We may refuse a transaction. We may do this if the relevant phone or computer link is busy. We may also do this if:
5.3.1 a transaction might take you over your available funds on the card; or
5.3.2 a transaction might take you over any of your card limits; or
5.3.3 We reasonably believe that we need to do so to keep to the rules of the payment system under which your card is issued, or
5.3.4 We reasonably believe that there are needs to do so to comply with any law or as a matter of good practice.

6. Foreign currency transactions
6.1 If the Gift Card is used for transactions which are not in the currency of the card fees will be applied for doing so.
6.2 If you make a transaction in a currency other than the currency of the card we will change the amount into the currency of the card at the wholesale market rate or any rate that a government may set. We will charge a service charge (commission), see Summary Box.
6.3 Exchange rates may change, and the exchange rate which applies on the date that you make your transaction may not be the same as the exchange rate we use on the date that we convert the transaction charge and deduct the service charge from your balance. The exchange rate applied will include this service charge. You can check the exchange rate used as described in condition. Your online statement will show the exchange rate and service charge.

7. Checking your balance
7.1 To check the available balance on your card or to review your transactions visit, use our SMS service by sending SALDO to 2380 (5 NOK per SMS). You can alsoemail our customer support on

8. When your card expires
8.1 The card’s expiry date is printed on the card.
8.2 You can redeem any outstanding balance on the card up to 6 years after the expiry date by following the process in condition 9. If any balance remains on the card for more than 6 years after the expiry date, it will not be refunded.
8.3 No fees will be added to the Gift Card after the available funds have been spent.

9. Redemption
9.1 You can redeem all or part of your balance by e-mailing up until the date that is 6 years after the expiry date shown on your card, we will transfer any redeemed funds into a bank account which is in your name. We will ask you to sign a written refund request and send us proof of purchase of the card before we make the transfer. We may also request proof from you of the account name.
9.2 You will be charged a fee of 125 NOK to cover redemption costs on each occasion that you redeem if you redeem all or part of your balance at the following times:
9.2.1 where redemption is requested before termination of the contract;
9.2.2 where the e-money holder terminates the contract before any agreement termination date; or
9.2.3 where redemption is requested more than one year after the date of the termination of the contract.
9.3 You will be reminded of this fee before redemption. Please note that if your balance is equal to or less than the amount you want to redeem in the circumstances listed above, the fee will equal your balance which will be reduced to zero.
9.4 You will not be charged a fee for redemption if:
9.4.1 we terminate this agreement, or
9.4.2the request for redemption is a termination of the contract due changes to this agreement..

10. Liability
10.1 The Gift Card must be signed by the user as soon as it is received, and you must take precautions to ensure it is safe. You must always make sure that you:
10.1.1 do not allow anyone else to use your card;
10.1.2 do not reveal your PIN and never write down your password(s), PIN or any security information you have given us unless you do this in a way that would make it impossible for anyone else to recognise any of that information;
10.1.3 only release the card, card number or PIN to make (or try to make) a transaction, and
10.2 If your card is lost or stolen or someone else finds out the PIN or its security features or, if you think your card, card number or PIN may be misused, you must:
10.2.1Call us without undue delay on +47 906 59 500 (TOLL FREE). We have a 24-hour service so that we can block your card and PIN;
10.2.2 if we ask, write to us within seven days to confirm the loss, theft or possible misuse (the address is Paygoo AS, Dronning Eufemias Gate 16, 0191 OSLO), and
10.2.3 stop using the card, card number or PIN immediately. If you find the card after you have reported it lost, stolen or misused, you must destroy it and tell us as soon as you can.
10.3 If your card, or any replacement card, is lost or stolen, once you have reported it you can request a replacement by emailing We will charge a fee for the replacement card. This is set out in the Summary Box.
10.4 You may not be liable for any use of the card, card number or PIN by another person who does not have your permission to use it or if it is lost, stolen or destroyed, unless:
10.4.1 you agreed to that person having your card, card number or PIN, or through gross negligence or carelessness, failed to comply with condition 10.1, in which case you may be liable for any use that occurs before you tell us in accordance with these terms and conditions, or
10.4.2 you acted fraudulently then, to the extent permitted by law, you may be liable for misuse of the card, card number or PIN.
10.4.3 you may only be liable to a maximum of 380 NOK resulting from transactions arising from the use of a lost or stolen card or from the misappropriation of the payment instrument where the cardholder has failed to keep security features of the card safe. The 380 NOK liability limit is applicable to each instance of loss, theft or misappropriation and not each transaction.
10.5 If your card is used without your permission, or is lost, stolen or if you think the card may be misused, we may disclose to law enforcement agencies, any information which we reasonably believe may be relevant.
10.6 We will not be liable for:
10.6.1 any abnormal or unforeseeable circumstances outside our reasonable control (for example, a failure of computer systems which happens for reasons outside our reasonable control or any industrial action which happens for reasons outside our reasonable control) if this prevents us from providing its usual service;
10.6.2 any person refusing to accept or honour (or delays in accepting or honouring) your card, card number or PIN, or
10.7 In case of errors or disputes about transactions, email us on

11. Altering these terms and conditions
11.1 We may change any of these terms and conditions, including fees and charges, or introduce new terms. If we make any changes, we will give 2 months prior written notice to you by email or phone. If we change these terms and conditions, the new terms and conditions will be available at from the date the changes take place.
11.2 You will be deemed to have accepted any change to these terms and conditions unless you notify us of any objection before the proposed date of the change.
11.3 Between receipt of the notice and the proposed date of change, if you notify us that you do not accept the change, this agreement will terminate immediately and subject to condition 9.4.2 you can redeem your total balance at that time without charge.

12. Ending this agreement
12.1 We may terminate this agreement at any time. Unless there are exceptional circumstances we will give you 2 months’ prior written notice.
12.2 You can terminate this agreement by emailing us on subject to condition 11.4.
12.3 If you do not redeem your full balance within 6 years of your card’s expiry date, this agreement terminates.

13. General
13.1 By entering into this agreement you agree that we may use your information in accordance with the ‘How we use your information’ section of these terms and conditions, as set out in condition 16.
13.2 We may monitor and/or record telephone calls between you and us or service providers.
13.3 You must provide us with an email and postal address and phone number and let us know of any changes.
13.4 We may transfer our rights or obligations under this agreement or arrange for any other person to carry out its rights or obligations under this agreement. You may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under this agreement.
13.5 We can delay enforcing its rights under this agreement without losing them.
13.6 If we cannot enforce any paragraph, condition or part of a paragraph or condition under this agreement, it will not affect any of the other paragraphs, conditions or the other part of the paragraph or condition in this agreement.
13.7 This agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales. The language of this agreement is English, and all notices and information given under this agreement will be in English.

14. Payment services information
14.1 This condition (14) only applies if the supplier’s bank is located within the European Economic Area (EEA) and the payment services being carried out are transacted in Euro, or another currency of an EEA member state.
14.2 We will ensure that a transaction you make is credited to the supplier’s bank, or that returned funds following redemption, late execution of payment transactions or cancellation are credited to your bank within these timescales:

Type of Transaction


Transaction carried out in a currency other than Euro (€) or Pounds Sterling (£) Or Transaction involving more than one currency

By the end of the fourth business day following the day on which the transaction or order is received

Any other Transaction

By the end of the business day following the day on which the transaction order is received

If you are able to make payments directly from your account to another person and if a payment you asked us to make within the EEA arrives later than it should have, you can ask us to contact the receiving bank and ask them to treat it as if it was made on time.
14.3 If you use your card or provide your card details to a supplier to make a transaction before you know the amount which is going to be charged to your card, then you may be entitled to request a refund if the amount is unexpectedly large, provided that you tell Paygoo AS within eight weeks from the date the transaction is deducted from your balance but you will NOT be entitled to a refund if you have been told by us, or the supplier, of the amount of that transaction at least four weeks before the transaction is due to be deducted from your balance, and you consented to the transaction.
For card-based payment transactions where you do not know the exact amount of the payment transaction at the time you authorise it, we will not block funds on your payment instrument unless you authorise the exact amount to be blocked. This could be the case for payments you make at hotels or at fuel stations for example.
We shall release any blocked funds without undue delay as soon as we are aware of the exact amount of the payment transaction and immediately after receipt of the relevant payment order.

14.4 On receipt of such a request under condition 14.3, we may require you to provide us with the information to ascertain whether the conditions in condition 14.3 have been met. Within 10 business days of receiving a request from you under condition 14.3 or of receiving any additional information required under this paragraph, we will provide a refund or justify why we are refusing the request.
14.5 We are liable for the correct execution of the transaction unless we can prove that the transaction was received by the supplier’s bank, in which case the supplier’s bank is liable to the supplier. You may request that we make immediate efforts to trace an incorrectly executed transaction and notifies you of the outcome.
14.6 When a supplier initiates a transaction it is the supplier’s bank which is liable for the correct transmission of the relevant details to us. If the supplier’s bank can prove that it is not responsible for a transaction which has failed or has been incorrectly executed, we will be responsible to you.
14.7 If we are responsible for an incorrect amount of a transaction being deducted from your balance, we will correct the error. If we are responsible for a transaction being deducted from your balance which you did not authorise, we will refund the amount of the transaction to your balance and treat the transaction as if it had never occurred (We may charge you a reasonable fee to cover our costs in doing this). You must inform us of an unauthorised or incorrect transaction as soon as possible and in any event no later than 13 months after the debit date. If you do not do so, we may not be liable.
14.8 We are not liable if you incorrectly identify the supplier under a transaction. In such a case, we will make reasonable efforts to recover the funds involved.

15. Complaints and how to contact us
15.1 If you would like to make a complaint or contact us for any other reason connected to these terms and conditions please email us on, Paygoo AS/AB, Dronning Eufemias gate 16, 0191 OSLO. We have procedures in place to make sure that we handle your complaint fairly and quickly. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can write to the Financial Ombudsman Service at Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange, London, E14 9SR.
We will try to resolve any complaints you have about your payment instrument or the service we provide to you within 15 business days of receiving your complaint and in exceptional circumstances, within 35 business days (and we will let you know if this is the case).

16. How we use your information
16.1 We may search your record at credit reference and fraud prevention agencies. These searches are to check your identity and we do not carry out full credit reference checks or credit scoring for this purpose. We may use an automated decision-making system to assess your application and verify your identity.
16.1.1 If we are unable to verify your identity adequately, we may ask you to provide some documentary evidence to help confirm your identity and address.
16.2 Credit reference agencies may check the details you supply against any particulars on any database (public or otherwise) to which they have access. An unrecorded enquiry will be made. An unrecorded enquiry is a search that was not made for lending purposes. It cannot affect your credit rating or score when you apply for credit. It is not seen by lenders other than the one that carried out the search. It is included on your credit report so you know the search was made but does not affect your credit rating, or score, when you apply for credit.
16.3 If you give us false or inaccurate information and we identify fraud, we will record this with fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information.
16.3.1 The fraud prevention agencies will share records with other organisations. We and other organisations may access and use the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies overseas.
16.3.2 Please email us on if you would like details of those credit reference and fraud prevention agencies. You have a legal right to these details.
16.3.3 You have certain rights to receive a copy of any information we hold about you. Please write to: We may charge you for this service.
16.4 Some information held by credit reference and fraud prevention agencies will be disclosed to us and other organisations to, for example:
16.4.1 to prevent fraud and money laundering, by checking applications for credit, credit-related or other facilities, proposals and claims for all types of insurance, job applications and employee records, and to verify your identity.
16.4.2 The information held by these agencies may also be used for other purposes for which you give your specific permission or, in very limited circumstances, when required by law or where permitted under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018 / GDPR.
16.5 When you have an agreement with us we may use the following types of information about you:
16.5.1 information you give us or we already hold about you, including any phone number you call us from, which we may record;
16.5.2 information we receive when making a decision about your application or agreement, including information we receive from enquiries and searches made in your name with credit reference and fraud prevention agencies;
16.5.3 information (including details of payments and transactions) we may hold about any managed account or policy which you hold with or through us, and
16.5.4 information we receive from anyone who is allowed to provide us with information about you.
16.6 We will process, use, manage, control, release and record information about you to:
16.6.1 search credit reference and fraud prevention agencies’ records (including information from overseas) to manage your account;
16.6.2 manage your accounts and policies, and manage any application, agreement or correspondence you may have with us;
16.6.3 carry out, monitor and analyse our business;
16.6.4 contact you by post, by phone or in another way about other products and services which we consider may interest you – unless you tell us that you prefer not to receive direct marketing;
16.6.5 fight fraud, money-laundering, terrorism and other crimes, and
16.6.6 keep to any laws or regulations in any country
16.7 We may reveal information about you:
16.7.1 to any person working for us or our co-brand partners;
16.7.2 to fraud prevention agencies;
16.7.3 to any organisation which backs any of our products which you hold;
16.7.4 to any payment system under which we issue your card;
16.7.5 if a payment is processed through a worldwide payment system, to certain authorities in order to detect and prevent terrorism (including authorities outside the UK);
16.7.6 to any person to whom we transfer any of our rights or obligations under any agreement we may have with you, and
16.7.7 to anyone you authorise us to give information about you to.
16.8 Processing your information, as described above, may involve sending it to other countries outside of the EEA including the United States of America. In such circumstances we are responsible for making sure that your information continues to be protected.
16.9 We will keep information about you for only as long as we need to or is required to meet legal obligations (usually no more than 5 years after redemption or termination).

17. Summary box- charges
This table summarises key product features and information and is not intended to replace the terms and conditions of the product. The fees’ limits and restrictions that apply to each card are set out below.
The limits structure for your card depends on whether you have satisfied identity requirements and the permitted geographical spending facilities associated with the card.

Fee Amount
Price of Paygoo Gift 39 NOK
Transaction Fee (applies after 2 transactions) 3 NOK
Monthly Fee (applies 6 months after purchase) 15 NOK per month
Fee for replacement card posted by Paygoo 125 NOK
Fee for redemption (money transfer from Paygoo card to bank 125 NOK
Fee for transferring funds between cards 15 NOK
Paygoo Gift Inactivity Fee (after 12 months of inactivity) 35 NOK per month
Service Fee (retrieve PIN-number, check balance and get transaction overview via SMS) 5 NOK
Service charge (commission) for purchases in foreign currency 4%
Fee Amount
Maximum balance, anonymous card 1500 NOK
Maximum load at the point of sale 1500 NOK

18. Contacting you in an emergency

We may need to contact you urgently if we suspect or find fraudulent activity has occurred on your account (provided we are not prohibited from doing so by law) or if we suffer a security threat. To do so, we may (for example) send you a text message instead of calling or emailing you, if we think this is the quickest way to contact you. When we contact you, we will also give you information on how you can minimise any risk to your payment instrument depending on the nature of the security threat.

We’ll use the same contact details which you have already provided us with when contacting you. You must inform us immediately if your personal details or contact information change